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the romance of//the open road

So fire your engines.

Ju || Julia
17 February 1991

Fruitstyle designs

, 'he's-not-gonna-make-it', 1920's, anatomy, angels, art, awesomeness, baltimore, batman, books, boys love, captain tight pants, castle, clamp, classic rock, colorado skies, comic book movies, comics, cooking, corsets, csi: las vegas, dancing, david-duchovny-why-won't-you-love-me, dc, dean winchester, dean/sam, demons, denver, dia de los muertos, dick grayson, dinosaurs, disney, drawing, elves, etymology, faery, fairy tales, family, fandom, fantasy, fashion, firefly, folklore, food, francesca lia block, friends, geek-out-with-my-cock-out, geeks, ghost stories, ghosts, girls love, han solo, harry potter, haunted hotels, hellblazer, hellboy, history, horror movies, house, hugs and kisses, i-love-that-you-listen, icons, inception, iron man, iruka, john constantine, kakashi, kakashi/iruka, karaoke, la jolla~!, languages, leia organa, lightning, lightsabers, linguistics, literature, lord of the rings, lost, luke skywalker, lyrics, magic, make up, making things up, mal/simon, malcolm reynolds, manga, matchbox twenty, movies, music, my people, mythology, nathan fillion, neil gaiman, outsiders, paranormal, people, photobooths, photography, pinups, quotes, rain, reading, road trips, rob thomas, rp, sad beard, sam winchester, santa fe, saving people hunting things, science fiction, scott westerfeld, sherlock holmes, short stories, simon tam, slash, snow patrol, snuggles, spanish, speed racer, spiderman, star wars, stardust, stephen king, studio faex, subtext, supernatural, sushi, technology, the big bang theory, thunder, thunderstorms, travel, tv, twincest, twins, vertigo, vintage, wincest, winchesters, words, writing, x-files, x-men, x/1999, xxxholic, y:the last man, yaoi, yeah-i-bet-it's-a-brotherly-relationship, yuri, zombie apocalypse